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To be honest these Elf Visits are A LOT of effort...🎄

To be honest these Elf Visits are A LOT of effort...however they are so magical it is so worth it!!!! 🎄🎉 In advance I have to organise... ~ When I'm going to do the visits - Usually the 1st December and the day before, the 30th November. In 2019 this was a Saturday and Sunday so I had LOADS of bookings! I didn't do the elf visits during 2020 due to the Lockdowns and wanting to keep everyone safe. This year 2021 it's a Tuesday and Wednesday...after school I understand you may have clubs to go to etc. so it's not very busy yet. ~ Next Taking Bookings and finding out all the information I need to know for your elf visit including, address, telephone number, your elf's name (if you have one) and personalised touches that will make your children think "Wow how did Jazzy know that?!" Then I spend lots of time entering all this into a spreadsheet. ~ Planning the route...putting all the addresses into maps and finding the most logical route for me to drive and how long it will take to get to each address. Also allowing time for traffic or not being able to find the address! ~ Finally typing and printing the personalised letters from Santa, buying any advent calendars and buying and wrapping the Christmas presents for the children. ~ Oh and also planning what I'm actually going to do at the front door or the party! ~ On the day getting into make up and costume. Getting into the happy elf spirit. Making sure my car has petrol. Driving to the locations in the right order and finding the addresses which is sometimes difficult. Setting timers on my phone at each place so I only spend the 5 minutes or 30 minutes at each location as I have to keep to the schedule! Grabbing the right personalised Santa letter for the children at each address. Finding the elf that is hidden in the front garden and putting it in my bum bag. Then delivering a believable performance! As you can see A LOT of effort goes in and I charge £12 or £30 for all of that which comes to your front door. You don't have to travel anywhere! The magic and happiness that the children feel from these Elf Visits and Parties are incredible though! The joy on their faces! When they jump up and down squealing in delight! When they want to give me a hug and take a photo with me! When the parent messages me to say they can't stop talking about Jazzy the Elf and singing the Christmas songs we sang together! MAGIC!!!!! 🎁🎄Elf Delivery Visits🎄🎁 ❄️Tuesday 30th November 4pm-6pm or Wednesday 1st December 4pm-6pm ❄️ B O O K B Y S U N D A Y 28TH N O V E M B E R 2021

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