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Party Themes

2-4 Years


Pre School Party 

A fun and interactive party suitable for the little ones. Songs and stories, bubbles and music! This party could be themed around a favourite TV program or character for added excitement!


Fairy Tales 

‘And I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!’ Story time, sing-a-long songs, nursery rhymes and basic dancing games for the younger party goers!



3-8 Years


Princess Royal Ball 

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all? Your little Princess and her friends can learn Princess Etiquette, a graceful dance, play enchanting games, join in with story time and have plenty of royal fun! Why not add a real Princess to host the party?! Enquire for more details.


So You Wanna be a Pirate?! 

Shiver me timbers! So you wanna be a pirate ay? Well yer must learn all there is to pirating with ship shape games, sing-a-long songs and there be gold to find in a fun treasure hunt! X marks the spot!


Make me a Superhero! 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Birthday boy/girl! Enjoy this super party flying into games, using our super strength and making up our very own super powers! POW!!!


Hawaiian Luau 

Aloha! It’s time to party little dudes! Learn a fun hula dance, play totally awesome party games, make up some crazy rhythms and do the limbo!


Monster Mash

Little monsters it’s time to celebrate! So let’s dance, play monstrous games and have a roaring time!!!


Cowboy Round Up 

Yee-ha! It’s time to use our imagination to become a cowboy or cowgirl! What a hoedown it will be, playing games, dancing and a fun cowboy story!


Fairy Wishes 

Enter the magical world of fairies! A charming party with adventure and story time, dancing, games, a treasure hunt and just a little bit of pixie dust!

Army Bootcamp 

I don’t know but I said hey! Is it someone’s birthday? Marching into fun, crawling through a tunnel, rolling over mats and energetic games galore! This party is suitable for any little solider who doesn’t mind training hard to be the best! 


Ninja Training

Earn your stripes to become a Ninja – with safety, respect and fun learn some silly ninja moves, play awesome ninja games then sneak, crawl and roll into action of ninja limbo!


Dinosaur Explore! 

RAAAHHH!! Junior palaeontologists this is your chance to stomp and roar just like a dinosaur! Explore to find the bones, put the puzzle pieces back together and reveal your dinosaur! Dig into the games and don’t forget to ROAR!!!   

Space Adventure

5...4...3...2...1 BLAST OFF!!! Rocket into this Space themed party with an interactive Space Story, Alien Freeze Dance, A finding game and fun with the parachute!  


Join The Circus

Roll up! Roll up! So much circus fun is to be had at this spectacular party! Learn new skills and circus tricks, like how to juggle! Clown around with silly games, dazzling dancing and parachute fun!


Jungle Boogie

Use your imagination to explore the jungle in a scavenger hunt, tap along to the jungle beats with rhythm sticks, dance, play games and monkey around! 

Magnificent Mermaids
Time to dive under the sea to play the best mermaid games! Collect all the mermaid treasure, join in with delightful mermaid storytime and create waves whilst dancing with ribbons!  


6-10 Years

Dance Jam 

Dance, dance, dance! Energetic, non stop, dancing fun! Crazy, wacky dancing games, party dances and dance competitions!


Pop Star Dance Party!

It’s time to perform like a popstar! Learn dances to your favourite pop tunes, play awesome and silly games then with the choreographers help make up your own pop band and perform your routine in front of your friends and hear the crowd go wild!


Spy School
007 better watch out because once these kids have been to Spy School they will solving all the crimes! Learn how to duck and dive through the laser beam course, have a lesson in becoming invisible to passers by, fun with finger prints and even a 'who done it' crime to solve!   

Arty Party* 

It’s time to get creative! Become an artist by learning to draw your favourite cartoon characters! Step by step drawing class, paint the perfect picture to take home and dance around with some energetic party games! 


Wizard's Apprentice*

Magic is in the air…Enchanted with wizarding games and a potions class where children get hands on with mixing ingredients to make a surprise that will amaze any little witch or wizard!


Girl's Chill Pamper Party* 

Chill out at this girl’s only party! Relax and have girlie fun – painting nails, putting on make-up and temporary tattoos! Play hilarious party games, make jewellery and share secrets!

Wacky Science* 

Who knew science could be so much fun?! Crazy games, hilarious silliness and wacky experiments! It’s time to get messy with big explosions and make slime that each child can take home!



Any Age


Your Theme

Any theme based on a favourite television program, character, film or book. Any games you want (providing I know how to play them!) and any particular music you want played!

Adult & Hen Party Theme Ideas

Decades e.g 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's 00's, Disney, Hollywood Movies, Dirty Dancing, Mamma Mia, Grease, The Greatest Showman - Circus theme, Westend or Broadway Musicals, Burlesque, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Disney Princesses, Superheroes, Pirates, Mermaids, Unicorns, Hawaiian Luau, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, Halloween, Las Vegas Showgirls, Moulin Rouge, Austin Powers, Alice in Wonderland, James Bond, Medieval - Knights and Princesses

Themed Music will play at each party.


* Party Prices differ due to resources used. Children get to take home what they make.


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