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Outdoor and Garden Parties 🌳🌼

Outdoor and Garden Parties 🌲🌸

It’s summer and lots of people want to have parties outdoors! In the garden or at the park, these parties can be lots of fun! Here’s a few things to think about when planning an outdoors party….


Our summer weather is pretty unpredictable! Be prepared for your outdoors party to have to move indoors or under some shelter.

It could be really hot so make sure you have shade and plenty of drinks on offer. A gazebo or being based near trees would be a good idea. These options would also work well if there’s a down pour of rain!


It’s best to check if planning a party in a park if you need permission from the local council or the owners of the park land.

If the party is in your garden, it’s always kind to let your neighbours know that you’re having a party.


Pre warn your neighbours that you will be having (for example) 20 children in your garden and playing music at 10am-12pm on a Sunday!

Check if you need permission to play music in a park. You need to be respectful of all the other people also using the park at the same time as your party.


If your party is at home in the garden, when all your guests have arrived shut the garden gate so there are no escapees!

Choose an area of the park which is safe. Grass is usually best. Is there any play equipment the children may get distracted from the entertainer and use? Check the ground for litter and nasty things. Avoid areas that might have ants nests or any other creepy crawlies. If you are at a park will you ask the parents to stay to watch their children? In a wide open space children may run off and if their parents have dropped them off they are your responsibility.


Does the park have suitable parking? Where can your guests park their cars if coming to your home?

Is the car park pay and display? Make your entertainer and guests aware of the parking situation. Any helpful tips is always appreciated e.g park down the far end of the car park if possible as the party will be located near there.

Try to save a parking spot for your entertainer. Have Dad or another adult helper to stand in a parking space. No parking for the entertainer means your entertainment may start late and that can be stressful for your entertainer as they may have another party to get to after yours!

🧳Help your entertainer🛍️

I bring a lot of equipment to a party and it’s heavy! If we are at a park I usually ask if a parent or an adult helper can meet me at my car and help me carry my party equipment to the party spot. It will also save time so I can set up quicker rather than me doing several trips forwards and backwards to the car.

🧹Tidying up🗑️

If in a park choose an area that is already clean and then tidy up after the party is done. Take bin bags so you can collect all the rubbish and take them home with you to dispose of.

Also remember in a park you have no access to water usually so bring plenty for your guests. Juice boxes or bottles of water would be good to provide your guests with or on the invitation ask the children to bring a drink.

📱Back up plan📋

Do you have a back up plan? Can the party be moved in doors or under a shelter? Do you have all the parents contact details if you need to cancel the party last minute?

As an entertainer I take a deposit when booking in your party. The deposit is non refundable. If you have to cancel the party for any reason we will re arrange the party for another date. If I am unwell and have to cancel I will refund you the full deposit or we can reschedule for another date if you are able to.

There we go! Lots to think about and to organise with having an outdoor party! It’s a lovely option for your guests and entertainer to be outdoors, just be prepared for all the above situations!

🎉 Get in touch to book your Clickity-Clack Party!

Any theme for any age! 🎉

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