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Joint Parties are a great idea!!

Does your child have a friend with a birthday close to theirs?

Would you like to share the organising and cost of a birthday party?

Why not have a joint party! 🎉

It’s a great idea to team up with a buddy for a birthday party!

I am happy to have two or more birthday children at a Clickity-Clack Party!

Top Benefits…

🎉Invite all the children from the children’s class.

🎉Share the cost of the party.

🎉Share the jobs - one person organises the invitations, party entertainer and party favours. The other organises venue hire, the food and decorations.

Usually I will bring two (or more) chair covers so the Birthday children all have a special birthday chair to sit on. It doesn't have to be just one theme - Mermaid & Pirates, Superheroes and Princesses, Ninja Spies...!

The Happy Birthday song I play at the parties has quite a big gap in the middle so we can sing Happy Birthday dear …. and ….! Or it plays through twice so we could sing to one birthday child and then the other!

The other parents in your child’s class may even be pleased that it gets two parties done on the same day at the same time!


Have two tables or use either end of a table to separate the birthday presents from the guests.

Get the children involved in the planning so you know exactly what they want for the party.

Enjoy the planning process! Try not to get stressed.

Make a spreadsheet to keep a track of who’s invited and if they have sent an RSVP.

Have a What’sApp chat with the other parent you are organising the party with.

Make a shopping list of food.

Book the venue and entertainer around three-four months at least before the party.

Get in touch to book your Clickity-Clack Party!

Any theme for any age!

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