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How to prepare your child for their birthday party! 🥳🎉

How to prepare your child for their birthday party! 🥳🎉

Parties are really, really, REALLY exciting!!! They can also be really overwhelming. I often think about how parents/carers should prepare their child before their party so they know what to expect. I have just done this with my daughter before her first big birthday party to celebrate turning 5! It’s a good idea to have a chat with your child before a party so they know what is going to happen and how to behave. Here are my tips!

1. Getting ready for the party: Mummy/Daddy/Your Grown ups are going to be very busy before the party getting everything ready! We have decorations to put up, the Birthday lunch/tea to prepare, the cake to get ready and get ourselves ready too! If you want to help that's great, I will give you a special job to do! Or if you would prefer to play that's great too just try not to make a mess or get under my feet. 2. Entertainer: We are going to have an Entertainer/Princess/Superhero/Special Guest come to your party! They are going to play lots of games with you and your friends and make sure you have lots of fun! 3. Guests Arriving: Your friends are going to be arriving to the party one by one with their grown ups. Try to say hi to your friends as they arrive and give them a big smile so they know you are happy they have come to your party!

4. Gifts: Your friends might have a present for your or a card. It’s really important to say thank you to your friends. Then you put the present or card onto a special table where all the presents are going to sit until after the party. When the party is finished we are going to take the presents home and you can unwrap them when Mummy/Daddy/Grown Up tells you that you can.

5. Being Grateful: There might be some presents you don’t really like or some might be duplicates. It’s always polite to be grateful for the gift. If you don’t like it we can go to a shop and swap it for something else. Don’t take it out of the packaging if you want to take it back. It’s important it stays perfect in its box.

6. Popular: Lots of your friends at the party will want to play with you, dance with you, be on your team. Try to include all your friends and take turns holding hands with different friends. If you are feeling shy tell a grown up. We can always sit next to you or join in the games too!

7. Food: There will be lunch/tea at your party! Take a little bit of food to start with and you can always ask for more. We don’t want to waste all the food because your eyes are bigger than your belly!

8. Cake: Everyone is going to sing happy birthday to you! You get to close your eyes and make a special wish! You can wish for anything! Say it in your head when singing has stopped, then you can blow out your candles! Remember to be very careful as candles have flames and flames are fire and fire is hot and can be dangerous.

9. Saying Goodbye: When your party is finished we are going to hand out your party bags/favours to your friends and say thank you for coming!

10. Tidy Up: When all the guests have gone it would be really lovely if you could help tidy up!

11. Thank you: It would be really lovely if you say a BIG thank you to your grown ups for giving you such a fun party!

12. Tired: You may feel pretty tired after the party so we can relax together and think about all the fun we had. I hope you enjoyed my top tips for preparing your child for their Birthday Party! 🥳🎉 Book your Clickity-Clack Party by emailing: - Debi -

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