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A Circus Themed Zoom Virtual Party! 🎪

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

My last Zoom party was a Circus themed party for a Rainbow Guide unit!

Growing up I was a Rainbow🌈, a Brownie 🤎💛 and a Guide 💙 I then became a Young Leader volunteer for the Rainbows and Guide groups!

Did you attend any Girl Guiding groups or Scout Groups? I really believe being a part of those groups helped me become to person I am today. We learnt so much about the world and how to be kind Whilst playing games and earning badges!

Due to the Corona Virus the Guiding and Scout groups had to hold their meetings virtually. I am proud to say I have entertained at quite a lot of their Zoom meetings! It started with a Wacky Science party for a Beavers group, then I did a few Superhero Parties, a few Circus Parties, a Drawing Lesson and some more Science Parties!!!

At this Circus Zoom Party we danced like silly clowns, acted like trapeze artists and elephants then we made our very own poi!

Do you know what poi is?

See what I’m holding in my picture.

You might see people doing it at the circus or in carnivals or street theatre. Usually it’s long strings with material or glow in the dark lights or sometimes even fire at the ends! The person swings them round kind of like a skipping rope but making different patterns. I learnt to poi when I was in The Skyline Gang at Butlins!

We made practice poi during the Zoom party! The Rainbow leaders had provided the girls with a long sock, a balloon and rice.

Once we had made the poi I then taught the little Rainbows how to swing the poi and a few tricks!

Loads of fun!!! 🎪 🎉

Take a look at a Circus Event Party I hosted for kids! 👇

To make your own practice Poi you will need…

🧦Two long socks or cut a pair of tights in two. 🎈Two balloons (not inflated)

🔽 A funnel

🍚 Three or four tablespoons of dry uncooked Rice X2


First take your balloon and put the funnel inside the opening. Pour the rice into the funnel so the un inflated balloon is full at the bottom but not going up the spout (not sure if this is the correct word 🤣)

Tie a knot in the balloon so the rice doesn’t fall out. Put the balloon full of rice into one sock. Push it all the way to the bottom of the sock toe.

Lastly tie a knot in the sock close to the balloon.

Then repeat to make a second poi.

Have fun finding some Poi Tutorials on YouTube! 🥳🎉

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